If you are aged about 40 or less then you are a Millennial or Generation Y (born 1981-1995), Generation Z (born 1996-2010) or Generation X (born 1965-1980).  For the purpose of this blog, I am going to ignore Generation Alpha (born or to be born between 2011-2025) as such people are too young to be included.


I’ve got news for you younger people.  The future is bright for you.  Very bright indeed even though it may not feel like it at the moment.  Let me explain why.


There will be a huge intergenerational transfer of wealth from today’s Baby Boomers to Millennials of an estimated £5.5 trillion over the next 27 years so the Millennial generation will become the richest one in history.






Millennials may receive little if anything in the form of state pensions in the future but they will most likely build large workplace pensions over their working lives because employers are now usually required by law to provide pensions to most of their staff.


The cost of living in the future is likely to reduce considerably, what with increasing automation, driverless electric cars, more efficient and lower-cost food production and greater use of renewable energy to name just a few areas.


Today’s younger generations will enjoy more leisure time with the inexorable increase in automation, robotics, greater efficiency etc.  I envisage most people working just two days a week and enjoying five-day weekends.





Millennials are enjoying the longest period of peace in history if you exclude the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a one-off unusual event.


Young people are arguably more caring and sensitive to other people’s feelings than previous generations hence the advancement of a woke culture.


Life expectancy for Millennials is likely to increase substantially from around age 80 today to about age 120.  What’s more, they will have superior mental and physical health than today’s 80-year-olds.  This is due to the incredible advancements in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and longevity.


Today’s Millennials have far greater opportunities to work flexibly mainly as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic of course.






Talented younger generation individuals will be able to earn far more money than previous generations especially on a freelance basis because of their greater IT skills, better education and ability due to most of them having been University educated.


Young people today have greater awareness of the environment which they wish to protect.  They are far better informed about the benefits of health, fitness and diet.  May have become vegan or vegetarian as a result.


So if at times you think you are having a hard time or you are feeling low, remember your generation is probably the luckiest one in history.  It will certainly become the richest.  So be mindful of your good fortune and approach your bright new future with confidence.  You know it makes sense.*


*The value of your investments can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. . You may not get back what you invest.  

This blog is based purely on my personal opinion and experience. You should always seek advice from a professional before investing your money.

The contents of this blog are for information purposes only and do not constitute individual advice. All information contained in this article is based on our current understanding of taxation, legislation and regulations in the current tax year. Any levels and bases of relief from taxation are subject to change. Tax treatment is based on individual circumstances and may be subject to change in the future.