There has been a proliferation of personal finance apps in recent years and many of them are really good. I even use apps myself for my personal investments.

In spite of this upsurge, there remains a gap in the market for a true financial planning app that provides a combination of services which are lacking in current apps. For example, there are endless apps for buying investments but where are the apps for lifetime cash flow planning, risk management, product comparisons etc? In other words, where are the financial planning apps?

Well, now we have one. It’s called HapNav. What’s unique about it is that it offers sophisticated lifetime cash flow planning directly to consumers. Normally such a service is the preserve of wealthy investors who have their own financial advisers. Critically the consumer owns the data, not the adviser and the consumer is able to use the service without taking financial advice from someone else.

HapNAv is a money portal with direct integration links with an ecosystem of digital provider solutions:

MoneyHub (open finance platform))
Oxford Risk (risk profiling)
Moody’s (asset return assumptions)
Milliman (actuarial assumptions)
Qwil messenger (encrypted messaging)
Defacto (comparison tools)
Investment platforms data feeds
Internet Banking data feeds
Back office CRM systems

The scalability and efficiency of the app brings financial planning to the mass market. Currently, 95% of the population are underserved on account of them having investable assets less than the adviser thresholds of typically £100,000 (source ONS). So the app is available both to people who are building their wealth as well as those who are already wealthy.

Other underserved groups such as residential property landlords, business owners, members of workplace pension schemes, clients of discretionary investment managers and other asset-owners will benefit from using the app.

This is a truly ground-breaking app. The first of its kind.

The recommended retail price of this app is just £6.99 per end-user customer per month. When you consider that the app is offering potential lifetime cost savings to consumers through access to direct investments savings of hundreds of thousands of pounds, then the price is very cheap indeed.

So why not take up the free 30 days trial offer for HapNav?* You know it makes sense.

*The contents of this blog are for information purposes only and do not constitute individual advice. You should always seek professional advice from a specialist. This blog is based on my own observations and opinions.