I was chatting to a friend recently over a cup of coffee in a well-known coffee shop appropriately named with money in its title, you guessed it, Starbucks, when he showed me a bank card called a Curve card.

I am pretty well versed in financial matters but I must confess this was a new one on me. He was quite enthusiastic about this particular bank card. So I asked him what it was all about. What he told me was very interesting.

The Curve card isn’t a traditional bank card in that Curve isn’t a bank as such. The Curve card is really more of a smart card. Basically, you store your various debit and credit cards onto the Curve card using the app. When you shop you simply select the card you want to use by tapping on the card on the app. You then make payment with the physical card. Simple!

Curve claim it is the only card you will ever need. The thought of only having to remember one PIN number is certainly appealing for sure.

When spending money abroad on your card you can pay as much as 5% extra in fees. Using the Curve card you only pay 1% extra and have access to marketing leading rates of foreign currency exchange.

Through their partnership with the cloud-based accounting software company Xero all of your transactions are immediately categorised for personal or business transactions. This means that it is really quick and easy to search for past transactions and find them easily. It also means that your bookkeeping entries are automatically inputted for you. A big time saver if you run a business.

You are notified instantly as soon as your Curve card is used. This means that you can lock it as soon as there is a suspicious transaction. This gives you peace of mind.

There is currently one disadvantage of the Curve card. You cannot make contactless payments with it.

Overall the many benefits of the card far outweigh its one disadvantage in my book. It is a very clever smart card that will cut down on how many cards you need to carry and will save you both time and money.

I applied for a card the very same day after coffee. You should consider getting a Curve card too.

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