The old adage that money doesn’t make you happy is true. Well not totally true. However money certainly does give you more choices in life and it frees you from the stress of not having enough.

The old saying that the best things in life are free certainly remains as true today as it ever did. Here is a list of some of the main things that money cannot buy.

1. The love of your family and friends.
2. Good mental and physical health.
3. Friendships.
4. Children.
5. Respect from others.
6. Respect for others.
7. A positive mental attitude.
8. Peace and calmness.
9. Happiness.
10. Joy.
11. Fulfilment.
12. Pleasure.
13. Purpose in your life.
14. Gratitude.
15. Kindness.
16. Generosity of both money and spirit.
17. Acceptance.
18. Sense of humour.
19. Fun.
20. Sense of achievement.
21. Dreams.
22. Wisdom.
23. Common sense.
24. Immortality.
25. Youth.
26. Enthusiasm.
27. Passion
28. A sense of perspective.
29. Spirituality.
30. Teamwork.

The list is truly endless! When I started it I thought it would only run to about 5 things!

The reason why it is important to remember all of the things money can’t buy is because there is no point in accumulating material wealth if your non-material life is poor. So it is vital to always keep your life in balance by realising that wealth is not just about the money. Having wealth in all areas of your life leads to a much more fulfilling all round experience, one of more joy and contentment.

So don’t make money your God. Instead treat it as your servant and use it wisely to improve the quality of your life. Money isn’t the root of all evil rather it’s the lack of money that is the root of all evil.

So live a wealthy life on all levels. You know it makes sense.