Do you have a number of accounts ranging from bank and Building Society current and savings accounts to investments, pensions, mortgage/s, credit card/s, loan/s etc? Do you find it time-consuming managing a number of accounts? Join the club!


I used to find it challenging to say the least to manage my plethora of accounts until I discovered a personal finance app called a Moneyhub. It has helped me to be better financially organised and gives me everything I need up to date concerning my personal finances at the touch of a button.


Moneyhub is not the only personal finance app available. There are many to choose from which focus on different aspects of your personal finances. However, the ones I am referring to are the personal finance apps which allow you to load all of your asset and liabilities and income and expenditure onto them. The Moneyhub app costs 99p a month or £9.99 a year. Cheap as chips!


Money Dashboard is a free personal finance app which is useful as a basic app however it doesn’t have as many features as Moneyhub so may be more suitable for those with very simple finances.


Moneyinfo is an excellent personal finance app but is only available through certain firms of financial advisers who subscribe to it on behalf of their clients.


The way all of these apps work is by using Internet feeds which securely transfer the transaction data from your various accounts onto the app automatically on a frequent basis which is usually daily. So if you have to say 10 different accounts you can check all of the recent transactions and up to date balances immediately.


Most regular transactions are memorised which saves you having to specify what the transactions were for but you will have to teach the app new transactions unless it automatically recognises them where the name of the business is well known or the transaction is obvious such as a restaurant which is clearly under the heading of Eating Out.


In addition, you can usually set Spending Goals and Personal Budgets. Other useful tools are available or will be added in the future.


I personally find my personal finance app invaluable. It’s a great time saver and it has made me better financially organised. I commend personal finance apps to anyone who is serious about money management. So don’t delay if you don’t already have one download one today! You know it makes sense!